I've been writing poetry for nearly 20 years. I find it both rewarding and therapeutic, giving me an outlet to share my inner thoughts and feelings that I otherwise might not have been able to do. Interestingly enough, as I look back on them, they have chronicled my journey through life. I can read one of my earlier poems and instantly conjure up the emotions, the inspiration, and the circumstances that originally led me to write that particular poem.

Many of my colleagues may disagree with me on this, but one of the reasons I love to write poetry the most is the freedom. In poetry there are no rules. Poetry is like art - the page is a blank canvas, and you can mix and match colors however you want. And much like art, others who read your poetry are free to draw their own conclusions as to its meaning, whether it was the poet's true intention or not.

So I hope you will take this journey with me. I very much encourage your comments and thoughts. I want to know what you think. What does the poem mean to you? Was there a particular line or passage that struck home to you? Did you have a similar experience?

Please feel free to share these poems with your friends and loved ones. I only ask that you use the links provided or link back to the original source on this website.

Thank you,
Michael A. Walker
Defying Procrastination 

Dead Poet (video)
Poetry is a measure of a man’s heart; a glimpse into his soul
Words congeal into hidden desires and unspoken truths
Capturing the essence of his being as he journeys through life
Your Waters run swift and pure
The thundering Falls drowns out
The Day
The tick of the calendar had just notched forward,
The new day still very young,
When Reba came to her master
Desperate the times of life's weary short comings
Closer by the hour, our life begins
Boastful by nature, an uncontrollable demise
Boy Turned Hero (video)
I am a Boy turned Man.
Willingly forfeit my life on the dotted line.
My commitment cemented, I leave friends and family far behind