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A rousing collection of 11 wind-powered, piratical short stories from 11 different authors. Join us on the high seas for almost a dozen tales of ribald adventure - many with just a hint of fantasy.

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EXCERPT from The Curse of Dread Pirate Boneshanks

"The thing with the menacing red eyes tore through the darkness and into the throat of the sacrifice with impossible speed. The Sadaka had no time to react or scream. It ripped into the gorge of her neck with the ferocity of a crazed, starved wild beast, before finally latching on to the pulsating sweet spot it so desperately hungered for.

The Sadaka stared into the darkness with blank eyes as her skin began to rapidly withdraw and become ashen grey. Within seconds, she was lifeless from exsanguination. The devil-thing pulled back a yawning cavity of blood stained teeth, moments before the sacrifice crumbled to dust to the floor - flesh, bones, and all. If she was to be reborn as her father promised, it would not be in this world."

Here you will find a collection of six stories by four authors that, at first glance, seem to have little in common. We have Sci Fi Adventure. We have Medieval Fantasy. We have Emotional Drama, and we have Steampunk. We even have a Western. 

Though each of these stories seems to have little in common with its companions, every one of them shares the same genesis. They were all inspired by that same divine spark that gives the universe purpose. They were all inspired by music. 

Each of the authors in this collection took a favorite song as their inspiration and told the story that no one else could hear. The result is an endlessly entertaining collection of well spun yarns , thrilling adventures, and emotionally engaging drama. 

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"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything" ― Plato


“That’s momma’s house,” Stella stopped and said quietly. Tears ran down her tired and withered face.

Stella was prone to tell stories, not initially. Her feeble mind no longer had the capability of distinguishing fact from fiction, but something told Vera that there was truth in those tears.

There was hardly anything left resembling her parent’s old house. It listed to one side like a sinking ship. The tin roof was twisted, torn, and rusted, and collapsing in on itself. Riverbed rocks that had once made up the chimney were topped over. The wooden slats that ran its length were rotted and terribly aged, with one corner completely torn away. The door was pushed in and hanging loose on a single rusted hinge. Most of the windows were missing; the few that remained were cracked, broken, or contained discolored glass. Waist high weeds and grass suffocated the yard and the fences lining the property.

“Oh, Stella…” Vera reached out to comfort her, but Stella was already walking again."

During the height of the Industrial Revolution, a young girl from York, England, finds herself orphaned and homeless after her parents are killed in a terrible accident. Refusing to allow herself and her little brother to be taken in by an orphanage, Rachael slaves away along side other children at a textile factory for pennies a day just to keep food in their bellies. Her only escape from her miserable lot in life comes from a pair of shoes displayed in a cobbler shop's display window that she dreams will one day take her far and away.

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100% of the profits generated from the sale of this book goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


"HER SHOES WERE beyond repair. She found them discarded one day, and for good reason. They were men’s shoes, the kind made to endure hard labor, which they surely had seen plenty of. The soles were worn thin, thin enough in some spots that they allowed whatever she walked upon to freely seep in. One sole was loose, it’s stitching long frayed.

            She kept a string tied around it, but often the string would slide down and rub painfully against the tops of her toes where a hole had worn through. Inside, the soles were heavily grooved in the shape of whoever’s feet they once belong to.  This caused blisters and calluses, but still better than having no shoes at all, if only marginally so. Most importantly, they allowed her to keep a job."

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What readers are saying about this book...

"I love long novels and don't usually go for the short stories. This was different though. Mr. Walker was actually able to grab attention quickly and I was able to feel the different feelings from more than one character. Great quick read before I even got out of bed this morning. I would love to read more from this author." M. Taggart,

"Agree the story and characters are most compelling for younger audiences with room for adult development should the author choose. It's refreshing (and rare) to absorb the setting, time, and dialog in so few pages while wanting to hug the protagonist as her life unfolds! Also enjoyable to read in one sitting without bogging in excess detail which hearkens back to Hemingway. Own personal preference with short stories is to avoid bow-like endings (Flannery O'Connor comes to mind); however, in this context it works. Would be a fun story to read to kids before bed or anytime!" - Beebur,

"This is a great short story. The story had me intrigued from the beginning. It was easy to feel like you were part of the story feeling the emotions and environment. I would love to read more from Mr. Walker." - Kandzmomie,

"Michael Walker draws you in with each compelling word, makes you anxious for the next. Each sentence starts a picture reel in my mind. His Descriptions seem to animate the Characters, bringing them to life. Superb Story Telling, a Joy, and a Must read. Keep Them Coming Michael!"
- H. Newtown,

Michael A. Walker
Defying Procrastination