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Soul of the Universe: Music

"Soul of the Universe"
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything" ― Plato

Try to imagine your favorite movie without a film score. It’s difficult to do. Maybe you weren’t even aware that your favorite movie had a musical score (Cast Away doesn’t count). That’s because music has a way of influencing our emotions and heightening our movie going experience so effortlessly that we don’t have to be consciously aware of its doing.

Much like a movie, music is the theatrical score of our lives, each song marking a detailed moment in our lifetime. Specific songs have the magical ability to immediately transport us back to a time and place in just the first few notes we hear. Memories drift in and out of our consciousness effortlessly in rhythm with the melody and poignantly punctuated by every drum beat.

Music can put us in a mood or take us out of one. It can lift our spirits or tear them down. It can cause us to stand and salute to the flag on command, or just stand on principle. It has the uncanny ability to conjure up emotions in an instant, whether we want it to or not. Music has a way of tapping into those tiny taste crystals floating around in our subconscious mind, busting them open in a miasmic spray of feelings that flavor our souls.

We set our alarm clocks them, our ring tones, and our text alerts. We use them as motivation in the gym or when we need to run that extra mile. We use them for creative inspiration and to communicate with. Even in our modern age there are still tribes of people who have no written language, but they have music. Prehistory, the time before man had written languages, was defined by oral tradition through song and dance. Music brings us together; the whole world, transcending the ages.

It’s no wonder that the music industry is a multi-multi-billion dollar industry. Music drives technology and propels us forward. Remember the time before iPods, MP3 players, and instant streaming? People collected vinyl’s and would quit their jobs to attend far off concerts in remote fields for days at a time. Remember furniture sized boomboxes, 8-tracks, Sony Walkman’s, and spending hours making the perfect mix tape?

There’s something else that has that can do all these same things too – a good book.

Imagine if there was a supernatural blending of the two? Wouldn’t that just be divine?  Wouldn’t that be… dare I say… magical? I know it’s crazy talk, but what was once thought to be only a myth, a fairytale designed to put little ones to sleep by, is now a reality.

I give you… SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE! (<--- must provide your own super awesome dramatic reveal music)

Soul of the Universe is a collection of short stories that were inspired by music. Each story is accompanied by a specific song that was the source of the inspiration behind its making: Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Rex Wells, Thea Gilmore, Blackmoore’s Night, and David Cook count themselves among them. There’s a story sure to sate the craving for every literature taste; Sci-fi, Fantasy, Western, Steampunk, and emotional drama fill the pages.

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to write collaboratively with an distinguished group of very talented authors (Michael S. Manz, Marissa Ames, and Michael Wombat) for this anthology project. I’m both proud and honored to be considered a co-author of this book.

Soul of the Universe is now available on Amazon and Smashwords virtual bookshelves. I encourage you to buy a copy for yourself and gift a copy to a friend. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will they.

Please follow these links to learn more about my fellow Soul of the Universe authors and the publisher, The Anthology Club.  

Michael S. Manz: http://msmanz.com/2014/sotu/

SotU72logoIf you would like to check out Soul of the Universe and support The Anthology Club, you may find it at these links:
And if you would like to write for The Anthology Club, you may find them online and on Facebook.

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