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Grandma's Story #1: Pages 11-15

Grandma Dovie Walker
 About a year ago I discovered some old handwritten stories my Grandmother Walker wrote back sometime before the Great Depression. It was a real treasure find for me, especially since I had never gotten the chance to meet her - she passed away just a few years after my father was born. You can read the story behind the story here: Grandma's Story #1.

I decided to compile the first 5 pages into one to make it easier to read. In the future I'll keep with this format, transcribing 5 pages at a time until I have the entire story transcribed..

If you see any errors or have comments about my interpertations or transcriptions please pass them along in the comment section below.


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[Continued frompage 10] …but still he wouldn’t let anyone know that.

So I stayed at home with my parents and worked like a hired servant until I was 19 years old, when along came James Henry. I fell in love for the second time but if one could see the future ahead there would be several steps they wouldn’t take - girls don’t be too quick to marry - for I would have been better off to have not married my second time. But I did. For, James and I were marred soon after our first meeting.

But he wasn't as good to me as my first man was. I was 1 year older than James. And girls - don’t never marry a boy younger than you.  Weren't many years after my second marriage until a widow woman by the name of Simons moved close to us just across the field, and wasn’t long I learned that James was going to see her. He never was contended to stay at home any with me. I don’t know why, for I was good to him.

One day he started to leave the house and I asked him where he was going. “I don’t know where I will go before I come back,” was his answer.

We quarreled and I told him if he went over to Simons I would follow him. He said if I did I could take what followed, so I did. But before I got across the field he spied me following, so he turned back and as he crossed the branch he cut him a willow limb - and such a whipping he gave me. He was twice as large as I was, so I was nothing against him. We had lots of trouble over the widow Simons and her daughters.

Some few years later his father and mother came to visit us. They had been with us some time when one day James came in and said he was going to help my father move a family. So I asked who, but he only laughed and said I would soon find out. And I did. For, when night began to come on and James had returned, I began to ask of his mother if she knew where he had gone and who that they had gone to move.

She laughed and said, “Yes, it is one of your Father’s old women and they are moving her here closer to you to cause more trouble. Then the Old Devil rose in me I guess, for I believed then I would have killed them all if I could have got to them. So I walked the floor until 10 o’clock, his mother trying to get me to go to bed.


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