Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grandma and Me

Grandma Robbins

I always wanted a Grandma. Sure, technically I had two Grandma’s – Grandma Walker and Grandma Ladd – but I never got a chance to know either of them. Both of my biological Grandma’s died long before I was born. As I’ve mentioned before, my Dad’s mom passed away just 2 years after he was born due to complications giving birth to his youngest sister. Grandma Ladd died due to a brain hemorrhage when she was in her mid-thirties. The family found her dead with blood all around her head. They assumed the cow that she had been milking had kicked her and caused the head trauma, but I believe she died as a result of a brain aneurism – the same complication that claimed my sweet Mother back in 1989.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been envious of my friends and associates that had a Grandma. Someone to knit you a sweater or make you one of those ear-flap hats to keep your head warm in the winter. Someone to bake you a batch of her world famous chocolate-chip cookies or cook you some homemade soup when you’re feeling under the weather. Someone to pinch your cheeks and tell you how adorable you are or how much they love you even with peanut-butter and jelly smeared across your face. Someone that always smiles when they see you, even if it was just a few moments ago that you trampled through their rose garden. Someone who keeps and cherishes everything you have ever made or given them, simply because you’re their grandchild. Someone who only sees the good in you, who loves you in spite of all the bad choices you made in life. That’s what I always wanted – a Grandma. 

Recently I celebrated my 42nd birthday. Alisha and I took a 3-day trip to Galveston to celebrate our birthdays together earlier in the month (which was amazing), but my actual birthday passed just like any other when you get my age -  easily and without much fan fair. In fact, I spent most of the day working, which was nothing to get excited about. But... a few days later... I received the most amazing birthday surprise... my very first EVER birthday card from my Grandma. How is that possible? Let me explain.

My first ever birthday card from a Grandma - Grandma Robbins.

Alisha and I have been together a little over a year now, and during that time I inherited two... TWO Grandma's. I know, lucky, right? I sure am. Meme (Alisha's other Grandma) is kind and loving, and really goes out of her way to try to help people. Meme took custody of Alisha and raised her from the time she was a year and a half old. Without Meme in her life, there's no telling how her life would have turned out. She gave Alisha love, support, and a stable home to grow up in. She played a big part in making Alisha into the amazing woman she is today, and for that, I am immensely grateful. Grandma Meme is wonderful and I love her dearly, but I seem to have developed a special bond with Grandma Robbins.

Grandma Robbins is the quintessential Grandma. She bakes and cooks, she sews, she paints, she crochets, she does needlepoint, she gardens, she cans her own food, she reads her Bible daily, and her love for her grandchildren is infinite. A few months ago she made me one of those rice pouch warmers that you heat up in the microwave and place around your neck and shoulders to relieve stress. One of the best things I love about Grandma Robbins is that she loves to play board games, cards, and dominoes. It's never too late in the evening to play a round of Chicken Foot when Grandma Robbins is around.

Even though Grandma Robbins will be turning 80 years old next month, she has not let technology leave her behind. She has a personal computer, a cell phone, and recently purchased herself a brand new full-color Nook tablet that she uses to play sudoko and read e-books on. She even has her own Facebook account, complete with bustling Farmville, Cafe World, and Pioneer Trail accounts, among many others.

It's almost like Grandma Robbins was tailor made for me. She's just like the Grandma I always wished I had. So when I received my "Birthday Wishes For A Special Grandson" birthday card in the mail from her, it was truly priceless. 

Inside it read;


May your birthday
be the start of a year
filled with exciting challenges,
unforgettable adventures,
and all the happiness
and satisfaction
you ever hoped were possible.
Enjoy Your Day

Happy Birthday 42nd


Michael A. Walker
Defying Procrastination

What's your Grandma like? Have any special memories of your Grandma you would like to share?

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