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Grandma's Story #1 - Page 5

Grandma Dovie Walker
Will you help me transcribe my Grandma's old stories?

About a year ago I discovered some old handwritten stories my Grandmother Walker wrote back sometime before the Great Depression. It was a real treasure find for me, especially since I had never gotten the chance to meet her - she passed away just a few years after my father was born. You can read the complete story here: Grandma's Story #1.

Now I've taken up the task of transcribing these old stories and I need your help. My Grandmother wasn't very well educated, and the old southern language she used can be a bit challenging to interpret sometimes. It's always better to have more than one set of eyes when tackling something like this, so I thought it would be a fun project to do together.

Please leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Let's get started!

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Story #1 - Page 5 (click to make larger)


one that picked them Father would say I knowed you were smart Irean.

Oh how I wanted to kill her I hated her so for her lyes I wanted to get her out and kill her and let on to ever one like it was a accident when some thang would till me not to that she would have to pay for it, some day. We were very poor people and lived on a farm I never knowed any that but hard work all my life Father would send


one that picked them. Father would say, "I knew you were smart Irean."

Oh how I wanted to kill her. I hated her for the lies she told. I wanted to get her out and kill her and make it look like it was an accident. Then, something would tell me not too. Something told me she would pay for it someday.

We were very poor people and lived on a farm. I never knew anything but hard work all my life. Father would send


Nothing too hard here. I love how Grandma spelled words with a Southern twang, like "thang," "knowed," and "till." Some of my family and friends still talk like that. I imagine when I was a kid growing up in Tennessee I picked up some of that Southern twang too. I love it! 

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