Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grandma's Story #1 - Page 4

Grandma Dovie Walker
Will you help me transcribe my Grandma's old stories?

About a year ago I discovered some old handwritten stories my Grandmother Walker wrote back sometime before the Great Depression. It was a real treasure find for me, especially since I had never gotten the chance to meet her - she passed away just a few years after my father was born. You can read the complete story here: Grandma's Story #1.

Now I've taken up the task of transcribing these old stories and I need your help. My Grandmother wasn't very well educated, and the old southern language she used can be a bit challenging to interpret sometimes. It's always better to have more than one set of eyes when tackling something like this, so I thought it would be a fun project to do together.

Please leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Let's get started!

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Story #1 - Page 4 (click to make larger)

cry for me to bring her birries to eat and say if I didint she would tell Father. And he would whip me and I know she would and I knowed to do as she said and I would cary birres to her to eat then she would say now fill my buccket while I sleep and she would sleep in the shade while I picked the berries and when I had our buckets full I would awake her and she would go runing look dad at the berries I have picked when I were the


cry for me to bring her berries to eat. If I didn’t she would tell father, and he would whip me. I knew to do as she said, so I would carry the berries to her to eat. Sometimes she would say, “Fill my bucket while I sleep.” Then she would sleep in the shade while I picked them. When our buckets were full I would wake her up and she would go running to father. She would tell him, “Look dad at the berries I have picked." She knew very well that I was the


Another fairly easy page to transcribe. More run-on sentences and spelling errors.

It's interesting, but I can really see this playing out as if it was a true story. How many of you have been manipulated by a step-sibling, step-parent, or family member? 

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Michael A. Walker
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Find any errors? Any suggestions for the edits or highlighted areas? Would love your help.

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