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Grandma's Story #1 - Page 2

Grandma Dovie Walker
Will you help me transcribe my Grandma's old stories?

About a year ago I discovered some old handwritten stories my Grandmother Walker wrote back sometime before the Great Depression. It was a real treasure find for me, especially since I had never gotten the chance to meet her - she passed away just a few years after my father was born. You can read the complete story here: Grandma's Story #1.

Now I've taken up the task of transcribing these old stories and I need your help. My Grandmother wasn't very well educated, and the old southern language she used can be a bit challenging to interpret sometimes. It's always better to have more than one set of eyes when tackling something like this, so I thought it would be a fun project to do together.

Please leave your feedback in the comment section below.

So, let's get started!

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2 (seccon) [#1]

Mother were a Christian girl and she were good to Father so they were mar _ only [#2] 1 year when I was bornd [#3] and Father still took his spreaning [#4] spells so when I were 3 year old Father came home after being gone for several month with a girl about 1 year old and clamed she were my half sister Irean. 

Mother was cumpelled to rase her agana her will how mothe stood this I couldn’t see I soon learned to hate her for she was sutch a lyer when she were 8 and I were 10 I was


2 (Second)

Mother was a Christian girl and she was good to father. They were married for a year before I was born. Father took to his spreading spells, and when I was about 3 years old he came home after being gone for several months with a little girl. She was about 1 year old, and he claimed she was my half-sister, Irean.

Mother was compelled to raise her against her will. I couldn't see how mother could stand for this. It wasn't long before I learned to hate her. She was such a liar. When she was 8 and I was 10, she


[#1] I'm guessing this is second. I'm not sure why she has a page # and the word 'second' here, since none of the other pages are labeled this way.

[#2] I think perhaps Grandma didn't know how to spell 'married,' so she put a dash there to take up space so she could come back later and correct it. 

[#3] 'Born' seems to be the only logical conclusion there.

[#4] I believe this is a typo or a misspelling of the word 'spreading,' but its difficult to say for sure. It seems to fit within the context of the story. "After spreading his seed, father come back home with a little girl from a different woman." What do you think?

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Michael A. Walker
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