Friday, September 16, 2011

Painting Life's Footstep's Photo Contest Winners

It's time to announce the winners! As I mentioned before, we had 61 photo entries, with a wide variety of shoes: 

(1) Motorcycle Boots
(1) Dress Shoes
(6) Kids Shoes
(1) Boots
(4) Work Boots
(1) Soccer Shoes
(7) High Heels
(2) Cowboy Boots
(16) Sneakers
(6) Stilettos
(7) Sandals
(2) Dancing Shoes
(1) Wedding Shoes
(1) Mountain Boots
(1) Flats
(1) Combat Boots
(1) Viking Shoes
(2) Mixed Pair

To decide the winners, we went old fashioned on this one. We had Alisha's children, Gavin (10) and Brynn (6) randomly draw the winners out of a hat. The kids got a kick out of knowing they had a hand in deciding the winners. Brynn was so excited, she wanted to keep drawing more names even after we had drawn the 3 winners. 

Alisha and I are proud to present the winners of the Painting Life's Footsteps Photo Contest! 

The (2) winners receiving a hand painted portrait of their shoes on an 8”x 8” canvas board  ($200 value) by Painting Life’s Footstep’s TM artist, Alisha K. Ard, along with a poem written by Defying Procrastination’s very own Michael A. Walker are:

"Between Competition"

"Fila Footwear"


"Wedding Shoes"

The Grand Prize winner will receive a hand painted portrait of their shoes on a 12”x12” gallery wrapped canvas ($400 value) by Painting Life’s Footstep’s TM artist, Alisha K. Ard, along with a short story written about your shoes by Defying Procrastination’s very own Michael A. Walker. 

Please take the time to congratulate our winners. 

Once again, Alisha and I would like to thank everyone for making this a huge success. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter so you can stay abreast of future contests and other interesting events we have going on.
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