Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interview: Author & Mega Blogger Dan Pearce

Dan and Noah of Single Dad Laughing

Sometimes you come across people who are truly inspiring, and Dan Pearce, of Single Dad Laughing is one of them. Dan was able to take a tragic event in his personal life and change it into something beautiful - a blog for us Dad's (parents of all types really). Looking for a place to vent (and cry), Dan started Single Dad Laughing back in the summer of 2010. Within a year's time, Dan's blog had skyrocketed to the outer internet stratosphere! Now with over 65,000 Facebook fans, over 100,000 subscribers, and MILLIONS of page views every month, Dan has become a blogging superstar.

On Single Dad Laughing, Dan shares his experiences of being a single father and stories about his AWESOME adopted son, Noah. Seeing that he is such a mega-star these days, I'm extremely grateful that Dan was able to take some time to share his thoughts on self-publishing with me. Dan inspired me to start my own blog, Defying Procrastination, and also helped me design it. For that, I am truly grateful. Thanks Dan!

DP: Millions of people on the net know you as Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing. What did you do before you started on your adventure to becoming a super blogger?

Dan Pearce: Before starting Single Dad Laughing, I was in business marketing and sales for a lot of years. Before that I was a professional artist. I know, very different vocations. I’ve been blessed to always be able to do what I love.

DPWas there a single event in your life that inspired you to start writing and share it with the world?

Dan Pearce: There was no single event that inspired me to start writing. I’ve loved writing since I was in high school and really started learning what soul-opening writing was when I got to college.

DPYou recently launched your first book “The Real Dad Rules.”  Can you tell us why you chose self-publishing vs. traditional publishing methods?

Dan Pearce: I chose self-publishing because the publishing houses turned it down in their final acquisitions meetings. They said books on fatherhood were too risky, especially in this environment. I would have liked to see them pick the book up, but as long as it’s available I feel great about it.

DPHow difficult was the process?

Dan Pearce: The process wasn’t very difficult for me, though I am very computer savvy. There were some parts to it that might be a little tricky for those who struggle with that kind of thing. I think the most difficult thing was formatting it for each and every platform that I would be selling it on because the process for each is different.

DPDid you employ a professional editor or service to proof read your work before you launched it? Why or why not?

Dan Pearce: No, I didn’t. I’ve always been gifted at proofing my own work. I know a few mistakes made it through, but overall it’s pretty polished.

DPWhat kinds of services or methods did you employ to advertise the launching of your book? What would you recommend?

Dan Pearce: I didn’t employ any services to launch the book. Instead, I relied heavily on the blog following that I already had in place. I don’t have much experience in this to give great advice, but I’d tell others to take advantage of the platforms they have. Don’t be afraid to ask people to purchase your book.

DPWould you ever consider publishing future books with a traditional publisher? Why or why not?

Dan Pearce: Absolutely. There’s something magical about having a big publisher pick you up. There’s no doubt that I’ll be trying the publisher route in the future.

DPWhat advice would you give to someone considering the self-publishing route?

Dan Pearce: Maybe your book will sell once you self-publish. Maybe it won’t. That doesn’t really matter as much as the fact that you’ll be holding a physical professional copy of a book in your hands - a book that you wrote. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Dan recently redesigned his entire blog from the ground up. Go check it out and tell him Michael of Defying Procrastination sent you. Thanks again, Dan!

Michael A. Walker
Defying Procrastination 

Have you self-published your own book? What sage advice do you have for those considering self-publication vs. traditional publishing?

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