Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tell Me Something Good #4

Brynn and her Momma

[With all the bad going on in the world – the economy, politicians exposing themselves, the war on terror, Oprah going off the air, NFL season in jeopardy, cats and dogs sleeping together – it’s about time we celebrated the good things in life. Here at Defying Procrastination, Tuesdays have now become “Tell Me Something Good” Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I will post something good that has happened to me or someone else in my life and I want you to do the same. Leave me a comment and Tell Me Something good that is going on in your world!]

It’s that time again for, “Tell Me Something Good.” This is where I share some good news with you, hoping in return, you will share your good news with me and others. I need your help to spread the love.

First thing on my list… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brynn! She turned 6 years old on Sunday. We kept the celebration simple this year. We had a few family members over to munch on some food, eat cake and ice cream, and watch Brynn plunge into her smorgasbord of Barbie presents. Who knew Barbie was such a tech nerd: iPod, iPhone, HD flat screen TV. In the afternoon we took her to Main Event for lunch, and to let her ride the virtual roller coasters, play some games, and shoot a round of glow-in-the-dark indoor golf.

QUOTE OF THE DAY - 9:30PM: After a long day of birthday celebration, Gavin is shocked to find out that it’s bedtime already. Brynn’s response: “Gavin, there’s one thing I’ve found out. The day goes by really fast when you have a lot of fun.”

Fall Creek Falls - Tennessee State Park
Wednesday the family and I are headed on vacation to Tennessee to visit my family and have some fun. This is the first time Alisha will be meeting my extended family, so she is a bit nervous. I told her not to worry; they don’t like me too much anyway. This of course isn't true, but it brought a smile to her face, which always brightens my day. We will be pressed for time, but I’m hoping we can visit Fall Creek Falls while we are there. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful place to see. When I used to live nearby, I would go hiking and exploring there for hours and hours. If you have never been, you should.

Michael A. Walker
Defying Procrastination

So now it’s your turn. Share something good that happened to you or someone you love this week.

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