Monday, June 20, 2011

Tick Tock

T-eye-M by: Francesca Sanna 
So the waiting game begins. The clock has started. The time from submission to acceptance or rejection - it’s the time all aspiring authors dread. It can seem like an eternity waiting for that letter. That letter - or now in the digital age - that e-mail, which can propel you from wannabe author to a bona-fide published author.

Self doubt creeps in. Did I do my best? Did I do my submission correctly? Will my work be accepted? Will someone actually take the time to read it? What if they are in a bad mood when it comes across their desk, or pops up in their in-box? What if the editor just got off the phone with his wife who just informed him that she is leaving him for Bob in accounting? Sure it seems far-fetched, but Bob is a really nice guy. Not to mention, he drives an eco friendly Prius. And not one of those cheap Prius II models with a busted radio. No, he’s got a Prius III with a blown-out stereo system and the optional sunroof. Oh yeah!

What if the editor is a woman who hates men? She hasn’t always hated men; she just hasn’t had much luck with them. Her man woes all began with Johnny Lester who stood her up at prom. Nice move Johnny. Then there was Peter, a blind date setup by a co-worker. The date was so awful she long forgot his last name. She just jokes and calls him Peter All-hands McGee when she gets together with her gal pals to watch reruns of “Sex in the City” and devour a tub of Rocky Road.

Now it’s her boss, Mr. Tidwell. He refuses to give her a promotion. He has a lot of nerve considering he keeps her after work playing patty-cake with him until all hours of the night. That, and you would think her eyes were located on her chest when she talks to him. Way to ruin it for me Mr. Bossman. I can’t blame her for hating men. What a perv!

Thankfully I’m not worried about any of that - even though it could totally happen. I feel confident that I put my best foot forward, thanks in part to my good friends Wes, Keith, and Alex who helped me give it a good polish before sending it off.  A very special thank you goes out to my love, Alisha. Without her guidance, support, urging, and endless belief in me, I may not have taken that first step in trying to fulfill my dream. Thank you honey!

The hard part is done. Now is not the time to sit around and wait. NOW is the time to start on that next writing project, honing my skills, and reaching for even bigger and brighter stars. The time is now.

Tick tock…

Michael A. Walker
Defying Procrastination

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Are you an established author? If so, what was it like waiting for your first response? Anyone have any good submission stories or words of wisdom to share? I want to hear them.

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