Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tell Me Something Good #2

Robert E. Howard
[With all the bad going on in the world – the economy, politicians exposing themselves, the war on terror, Oprah going off the air, NFL season in jeopardy, cats and dogs sleeping together – it’s about time we celebrated the good things in life. Here at Defying Procrastination, Tuesdays have now become “Tell Me Something Good” Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I will post something good that has happened to me or someone else in my life and I want you to do the same. Leave me a comment and Tell Me Something good that is going on in your world!]

This Saturday, Alisha and I are taking a day trip to a quaint little town in Central Texas called Cross Plains. Why Cross Plains you ask? Well it just so happens to be where the Robert E. Howard Museum is located. Who is Robert E. Howard? Shame on you for asking that question. You lose geek and literary scholar points if you did.

Mr. Howard just so happens to be one of the Fathers of Modern Fantasy writers, dating back to the early 1920’s.  Howard was best known for his Pulp Fiction work for a magazine called “Weird Tales,” where is penned many stories spanning many different genres – from Westerns to Alternate History. During his short career he spawned many notable characters; Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn and Kull the Conqueror. However, he is best known for creating the character Conan the Barbarian. Yeah, I know, pretty awesome.

So Saturday we will be visiting the Robert E. Howard Museum – the house he grew up in and where he pinned the vast majority of his greatest works. From there, we are off to Brownwood, TX, just a short hop and skip away, to visit his family grave site. Alisha and I are super excited about it [NERD ALERT!].

Be sure to stop back by. I’ll share our experience and take lots of photos!

Michael A. Walker
Defying Procrastination

So now it’s your turn. Share something good that happened to you or someone you love this week. Lets share the love!

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